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Jul 29, 2012 8:30am PDT
a 35 mi. long twin tunnel from the sacramento river to tracy with the idea to send water to homes in l.a. and farmers in the central valley. >> it also calls for the restoration of delta habitats >> the estimated price tag is about $23 million or more. this morning we sat down with a skeptic who is the assistant manager of the contra costa water district will really be affected by this. i asked him how this plan differs from the peripheral canal that was proposed and blocked in the 1980's. >> that was 25,000 cubic foot per second canal that would do the same thing taking water from the north to the south. this morning, the flow in the sacramento river is about 21,000 cubic feet per second. reposal is to use tunnel's instead of a canal and go under the delta and 9000 cubic feet per second so it is considerably size down but the most important thing about the plan is how it would be operated and that is unspecified. we don't know how would be operated, we don't know yet what the water supply benefit to southern california is. the current plan could even give them less water than they get
Jul 15, 2012 8:30am PDT
. as make it to narrow the twin cities with that and more in the sports. >>> good morning. the fans can exhale eight shutout innings suspect against the astros struck out 10 batters was to the victory but the giants route 2 and 1 you throw it in the ball gets away. sanchez goes poorly to first and here comes the tying run not in time game tied it to sanchez is the hero. on the move and he was scoring the giants went 3-2 back in first place. smith's yesterday on the a's with a huge shot up to take a minnesota bank of the west stamper serena williams watch her to her pout one and to be in a fellow american and the bank of the west finally there today. he just got risk boy does that mean a three cold night with the quakes five to nothing. before shot lead over the u.s. senior open field after round of 64 if he played golf like that is doing pretty good. how did the ball park went on to see the giants can complete the sweep dennis will be back in the spot letter to take you to the rest of the way. have a great sunday. >>> standing by her and my for the census was suspended sheriff's expect
Jul 14, 2012 7:00am PDT
johnny when yard with a big fly, a grand slam for the petaluma and natives. the a's beat the twins 6-3. drew brees got paid, they gave him a five-year, $100 million deal. an nfl record $60 million guaranteed. mark jackson was in the house in las vegas last night. how'd you like harrison bonds? he had 23 points. the warriors blew out the lakers a 91-50. kobe bryant wasn't playing, i know. have a good day everybody. >> a group of uc-berkeley researchers to help discover the so-called prague particles spoke publicly, so how many people showed up for a lecture on theoretical physics? >> i'm one of the campus fire marshals, we cannot have this many people in here, it is not designed for this. if you don't have a seat, i'm sorry you have to exit >> not many lectures have that kind of turnout. everybody in topic for many people. hundreds were turned away when the fire marshal cleared the doorways. the turnout surprised even the physicists. >> we are not used to being rock stars and for us is a huge deal. we did not know whether we should have a big room were not and now we know. >> for anyb
Jul 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
to help the single mother who quit the dispatcher shop four years ago spend time with young twin girls. the cannot find another job. >>> i never imagined being in a situation of this. but i am carried and she has made me feel like an important enough. they really care. >>> about to let people come through the program. in half of them have gotten jobs. and the members gain work experience volunteering to plan and nonprofits events. she's cochairing the barbecue fundraiser. there also organizing the conference on homelessness and did just remember those who live on the street. the nonprofit members gain skills and budgeting, speaking and marketing. and helped enter wilson with this interview skills. and two years after completing a program he's a supervisor at private security company. how much does it mean to you? >>> how you measure it? his family. >>> inspire confidence and courage. >>> went this bessie into wings on. i really do. >>> she gets emotional when they get hired. >>> i cried. it is not just a job. is that they are very stable inside. >>> this week's jefferson award in the b
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4